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BMW Lounge at SAP Center - San Jose, CA

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The BMW Lounge Experience With The San Jose Sharks

With hockey season right around the corner, I wanted to share my thoughts on the BMW Lounge experience. For those unaware, a couple seasons ago, the Sharks converted The Grill into the BMW Lounge. While I loved The Grill, it’s understandable that the Sharks made the choice to evolve. The Grill was only open prior to game time and could generally flip a table only once, thus limiting the revenue opportunities. As the BMW Lounge, the Sharks are able to use the space throughout the game to cater to their more upscale clientele. Occasionally, the Sharks will host their post game shows with Sharks radio play-by-play announcer, Dan Rusanowsky. The recently converted space has also been used with other functions such as the Sampling with the Sharks event for the Sharks Foundation. The Sharks are also using the space for a VIP Event during the 2019 Fan Fest.

The BMW Lounge

BMW Lounge

The BMW Lounge

The BMW Lounge experience left me wishing I had more disposable income. While it’s beyond my current financial means to purchase BMW Lounge tickets for every San Jose Sharks game, it’s a world class option for a special occasion. You will enjoy a night to remember.

After getting early entrance to the Tank, I entered the lounge to find an open bar, an open beer chiller filled with a great selection of brew for the taking, and a tasty selection of appetizers and finger foods. Well drinks are part of the package, but call drinks will have you digging for your wallet, as with most open bars. While I highly recommend the sliders, there is an ample selection of tummy-pleasing dishes whether you’re a carnivore or vegetarian.

The seating is plush so you can relax and talk with friends before the game. There are also pub-height tables so you can watch any one of the many screens showing local sports and other hockey games.

Once the game starts, the BMW Lounge switches up their offering from sampler plates and hors d’oeuvres to desserts and other sweet selections.


The Shark Tank Inside The Shark Tank

Glass Seats

On the glass

You will also find yourself spending some time mesmerized by the 2000 gallon shark tank, featured on the Animal Planet show Tanked. It’s certainly enjoyable to take in all the detail. From the many different types os sharks swimming around to the memorabilia contained within the water, it’s a sight to behold.

Most noteworthy, having BMW Lounge seats means you’re within the first 3 rows from the glass. This gets you up close and personal to the action.

Generally, I enjoy watching Sharks games from a little higher vantage point. In contrast, it’s very exciting to see a bone crushing hit happen inches from your face. Just make sure your beverage isn’t on the glass railing when it happens or you might get soaked.



Season tickets in the BMW Lounge likely won’t fit into most fan budgets. However, if you have a special occasion to celebrate in style, be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or any other type of occasion to honor, this experience will not disappoint and is definitely something to put on your bucket list. You might even run into a former San Jose Sharks player while you’re there.

Douglas Murray

Have you been done the BWM Lounge experience for a Sharks game? What did you think? Tell us below in the comments.

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