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BREAKING: Sharks Third Jersey Leaks Online

Three years ago, a hockey store in San Jose inadvertently unveiled the Sharks’ 25th Anniversary Heritage Sweater.  Looks like it’s happened again.  According to the Instagram account of Pro Image Sports in St. George, Utah, they shared a pic of the Sharks’ new third jersey.  The Twitter account @HockeyJC (Hockey Jersey Concepts) screenshot the pic.  The image is no longer on Pro Image Sports’ Instagram account.

The jersey is black, as expected.  It features two Deep Pacific Teal stripes on each side.  There is a motherboard pattern in between the two stripes.  The collar is a simple thin teal stripe, followed by the black thick stripe that camouflages with the rest of the jersey.  There are no waist stripes.

The logo is a simplified primary Sharks logo, with an original Pacific Teal stick.  The triangle is now black with no striping and a white outline.

Here are mockups of the third jersey crest logo.  These may not be 100% accurate.

What is barely seen in the image is a recolored version of the original fin logo.  The fin looks like it’s in black (to match the Shark itself) outlined in Pacific Teal and Deep Pacific Teal.

Here is a guesstimate of the fin logo:

This is the team’s fourth alternate jersey in the 28-year history of the franchise.  San Jose had a widely popular “Deep Teal jersey with black fin mesh inserts” designed by Nike in 1998.  This eventually became their primary road uniform the following year.

Since then, San Jose has gone black, with minimal teal accents.  The first one had teal, black, and white chevron striping on an all black jersey from 2001-2007.  San Jose would wear the full Sharks logo for the first time on the jersey known as “Black Armor” from 2009-2017. That jersey was also used in the Stanley Cup Playoffs from 2011-2014.

What we don’t know are the numbers and letters.  That will come when the Sharks officially unveil the jersey.  There is no set date at the moment but there are rumors that the team could unveil it in time for the team’s first preseason game, September 18th or perhaps at Fan Fest on September 23rd.

Nonetheless, it’s quite an interesting look.  Let me know what you think!

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