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Interview: Drew Remenda vs Brodie Brazil – April 2019

In this exclusive April 2019 discussion, we talk with beloved former San Jose Sharks broadcaster Drew Remenda and current San Jose Sharks pre and postgame host Brodie Brazil. After AJ and Drew discuss what’s going on with the Oilers franchise, AJ surprises Drew with a special guest host, Brodie Brazil. AJ will be in the SuperChat to answer viewer questions during the premiere.

Topics of discussion include:

• 7:48 – Brodie surprises Drew
• 8:59 – What to look for in the final 2 games for the Sharks
• 11:19 – Martin Jones and resetting for the playoffs
• 13:41 – Brodie hijacks the show to talk about social media reaction regarding Martin Jones and team defense
• 17:42 – Goalie ratios
• 20:14 – Brodie talks about the Sharks core with Drew (Brodie types loudly)
• 22:06 – Brodie on coach Peter DeBoer’s postgame reactions
• 22:53 – Drew shares a funny story about former Sharks coach, Kevin Constantine
• 24:09 – Brodie lays into Drew about postgame behavior and telestrator usage
• 25:56 – An angry Drew walks back to the hotel from a game
• 27:59 – Drew’s ironing obsession
• 29:32 – Brodie’s favorite walk and Martin Havlat
• 31:03 – Having fun on the air
• 33:01 – Drew on not being on social media, losing credentials, and broadcaster fashion
• 34:48 – Drew talks about an epic slump
• 36:36 – Streaks heading into the playoffs
• 37:21 – Brodie talks about the advantages of home ice in the playoffs
• 38:12 – Brodie teaches Drew new sports vernacular
• 38:45 – How the Sharks and Golden Knights match up
• 42:45 – Vegas or Las Vegas
• 44:01 – Drew Remenda workout and diet tips
• 45:55 – Tales from Kansas City
• 48:28 – Playoff tips for success vs the Golden Knights
• 52:21 – Team broadcasts, social media, and being objective
• 1:03:04 – Drew’s thoughts on social media

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