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Interview: San Jose Sharks’ John Tortora on Google, BART, Diridon Station, and Solar4America Ice

In this episode, we talk with San Jose Sharks co-president, John Tortora. Topics include the impact of the upcoming Google development, Diridon expansion, and arrival of BART to San Jose. We talk about how fans will be affected, how parking options may change, and John clarifies some confusion among rumors by fans.

We also discuss the expansion of the Solar4America Ice facility and a new arena for the San Jose Barracuda.

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– The SAP lease agreement with the city of San Jose and the option of extending or ending the agreement after 2025. Only the Sharks can end the agreement prior to 2040 after the Sharks give a 3 year notice. (2:10)

– John Tortora explains there is no plan to leave San Jose during the upcoming development of the Google campus and how the arena ingress and egress needs to be protected during this time. He also explains the economic impact the arena has on downtown San Jose. (6:21)

– Facilitating development and working with the city on parking. (15:32)

– John Tortora discusses benefits and drawbacks of using mass transit. (17:34)

– Email and communicating with San Jose Sharks fans about the Google development and the impact on SAP Center. (22:28)

John Tortora explains that the Sharks control parking lots A, B, and C and must give consent to the city of San Jose before the city can sell the land to Google before for any new development occurs. (25:25)

John Tortora explains that the Sharks will not consent to giving up control of Lots A, B, and C if it negatively impacts the fan experience and how the goal of any development is to maintain or enhance the current fan experience. (26:36)

– The idea of building a new arena with Google has not been considered as of now. (28:03)

– Addressing parking confusion created by development maps that have been shared with the public. (30:08)

– John Tortora discusses lawsuits filed against BART and protecting the arena and the fan experience. (34:14)

– Plans of expanding Solar4America Ice and a new arena for the San Jose Barracuda and the impact on San Jose. (37:13)

– Final thoughts from John Tortora and keeping San Jose Sharks fans informed. (43:55)

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