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Annual Sharks Equipment Sale Happening… Eventually

San Jose Sharks and Barracuda Equipment Sale Delayed

Recently, I reported that the Sharks launched their new website, Between this new website and the Covid-19 pandemic, I speculated the Sharks may not hold their annual equipment sale as the live, in-person event we’re all accustomed to. In a post Covid-19 world, an online event might make more sense.

While no date has been announced yet for an equipment sale, a team source has confirmed an in-person equipment sale will occur close to the start of the 2020-2021 season, pending COVID-19 restrictions. Until then, fans will be able to get game-used and team-issued equipment from the new Sharks website. However, there are caveats involved and the quantities on SJTeamShop are extremely limited.

The Good News

With some game-used and team-issued equipment now available online, Sharks fans outside of San Jose finally have the option to purchase items that were previously only available to locals at the annual equipment sale event. Sharks fans outside the Bay Area wanting a game-used Logan Couture jersey or Tomas Hertl stick can now get one.

Collectors and Sharks fans will also be able to order items from the comfort of their couch. Lines for the annual in-person event grow quite long. With equipment available online, people won’t have to waste time waiting to enter the event or rummaging through boxes to find their size or a specific player.

The Bad News

During the annual event, fans were able to put their hands on the items and see just how used gear such as sticks, jerseys, and pucks actually were. Fans purchasing items online are forced to rely on photos. While some collectors work hard to photo-match jerseys or pick up a lightly used game-worn jersey, other fans look for one with lots of repair work, puck marks, and glass burn. If meticulous photos aren’t provided, fans won’t know what they’re really getting until they’ve already paid for it. Furthermore, all sales are final with no returns.


Fans that have previously attended the annual equipment sale may get sticker shock when they visit During prior equipment sales, items were priced to move over the course of a long weekend. Solar4America Ice needs to clear out space for new incoming gear. While it’s expected that the equipment sale will feature the price points previous events have had, gear being sold at SJTeamShop is priced at market rate.

This means the Labanc or Meier stick you bought last year for $65 at the equipment sale is selling for $199 online. At the annual in-person event, sticks varied in price anywhere between $50 to $80, seemingly based on player popularity. On the website, player or item condition makes no difference. As noted above, while the market prices are a lot more expensive, fans outside of San Jose now finally have the chance to order something issued to their favorite Sharks player.

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